Welcome to the very first blog post here on Deets.co. Hopefully, we can quickly explain the ethos behind Deets and where we hope to shape the product in the future.

But first, do feel free to check out our here and here to learn a little about us personally!

Deets was created with simplicity in mind. We're not oblivious to competitors in the market place, but we strive to not just be an alternative to the likes of about.me but rather a new, streamlined and attractive way of sharing your details.

Going forward we're going to be following a development & company ethos that can be summed up as such:

It's your page, not ours.

When you share a Deets page, we want you to feel assured your data is the primary focus for it's intended audience. This means we're not going to paste big sign up buttons, or other unwieldy navigation elements, on your profile page. The only thing we ever add relating to Deets is a small, "powered by" link. Soon we plan to launch paid plans, which will provide the option of getting rid of this link entirely.

Flexibility is simplicity

We want you to be able to open up your Deets page and start typing. No having to find the right block type, or go through 20 pages of settings. Within 60 seconds of opening our homepage you can be writing your Deets page profile.

But simplicity doesn't mean a rigid experience. You can quickly add resources such as embeds, images, tables, headers and much more to your Deets page just by copying them into the editor. We truly believe in what you see is what you get editing so while editing you receive instant feedback to exactly what the final design will look like.

Clean and Accessible Information

We don't offer a massive range of layout options for your Deets page, but this is part of our design. We want your visitors to be able to recognize a Deets page and quickly be able to scan for the data they are looking for.

This does unfortunately mean a return to the days of Myspace is looking unlikely - but the good news is you can still make the page yours with the large visuals presented and a wide variety of embed options.

No Advertising

It's not that we don't like money (trust us, we do!) it's that advertising distracts from the goals of Deets. We plan to monetise in the future with a paid plan but to get to that point we have to get the features of the free plan absolutely perfect so we're launching without that option.

I know there is often a saying in the tech industry that if a site doesn't have a product then you are the product - but in this case it's if a site doesn't have a product then you are the feedback machine.

Listen to Feedback

As much as I'd love to say we're going to get everything right the first time and blow you all out of the water the reality is you've likely got ideas we've never considered and you equally might have feedback on the ideas we think are amazing. We're always open to feedback (give us an email - you'll be surprised how quickly we'd respond!)

For now, that's it... but there is plenty more news & developments that we'll have to speak about over the coming weeks and months.

Until next time,
Thank you and goodbye!