They say a picture can say a thousand words. To that I say it might of been better to use a text document; but I'll agree pictures are awesome and that is why I'm stoked to be able to annouce the latest feature - Galleries.

Galleries are... well they are image galleries. You can upload any number of pictures to include on your Deets page and they will be displayed as thumbnails which can be clicked to view the full size version.

So if your a creative type and you want to show of some of your amazing work then add a gallery to your deets page.

We've also added the option of allowing your page viewers to download all your images in a Zip format if you choose to allow them to do so. This means if for example you've create a page for the press to access to hear about your latest awesome survival horror game cough summerford /endcough then they can download all the images in one clean swope.

You can add as many galleries to your deets page as you'd like - but remember you can also create as many deet pages as you'd like so maybe you'd be better off with different profiles.

We've got some more awesome features & improvements coming in the next few weeks so I'll say as I always do - stay tuned!

As always, stay safe and stay being awesome.
Daniel x.