Ok we think we're more than just an alternative to about.me - we truly believe we're an upgrade.

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We're not completely oblivious to the fact you have choice when it comes to your hosted about pages, in fact one of the industry leaders is About.me - a platform which has been around for nearly 15 years.

In those 15 years a lot has changed and the web is more responsive and open than it has ever been, but we think About.me hasn't moved with the times.

Before I continue, why not check out an example Deets profile (hey! It's me!)

When creating deets.co we focused on how we could first be a natural alternative to about.me, and then how we could expand and morph into something better. Over our development cycle I think we've done just that - and best of all we've done it in a way that can save you money.

Lets take a look at why we believe Deets.co is a prime alternative to about.me

  • Unlimited pages

    This means that unlike about.me your not constrained to have one about page. You can create an about page for your brand, your product or even your pet spider which for some reason you've named Dave.
  • Your Identity, not ours.

    One of the first things we decided we didn't like about about.me is on the free plan their branding is plastered all over your site. Your page becomes less about you and more about pushing more customers to their product. Imagine sharing your real-world business card with someone and having another companies marketing all over the top of it.  With Deets, we have a tiny link hidden away at the bottom of the screen. That's it. Nothing else. Zilch.
  • Free flowing editor

    About.me relies on pre-selecting blocks such as testimonies and images to be able to build out your about.me page. That's great if you're making a detailed website, but for something that should be quick and simple, it's unnecessary bloat. That's why we've designed our editor to be free flowing which means you type, paste in images and embeds and get visual, real time feedback. We truly believe in "what you see, is what you get".
  • Pricing that makes sense

    Asking for over $6 a month for what is in effect a single hosted page is a little extreme. What you get in About.me's plan you get in Deets for $0 a month. We're focused on in the future building out more premium features but first we want to get the core absolutely perfect.

Hopefully we've made the case for our streamlined, free alternative to about.me and other similar detail and link sharing sites. You can sign up to deets.co right now, claim your URL and have a page ready to go in minutes.